We help people curate their dream wardrobes.

Since 2017, we’ve been the primary source for inspiration and advice to simplify your wardrobe. Below is an overview of all the ways we help.

Ready-Made Capsules

Think of our ready-made capsule PDFs as blueprints for your dream wardrobe. With links from our favorite brands to ease shopping, you’ll get a shortcut to a point that takes people years to get to.

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Personalized Capsule

If none of our ready-made capsules suit your style, or you need something specific for a special occasion, for example, we offer a completely custom-made capsule service. Fill in a questionnaire and receive the perfect capsule plan just for you.

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Wardrobe Staples

A curated collection of timeless wardrobe staples, with links for different budgets and locations. This is the place to start when you need to add something to your minimalist wardrobe.

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Color Palettes

48 pre-made color palettes that just work. We know combining colors can be a challenge, so we went ahead and created 48 harmonious palettes for you to copy into your wardrobe.

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Signature Style Profile

Finding the style that best empowers you is the foundation for your dream minimalist wardrobe—and an invaluable investment in yourself. Our Signature Style Profile Manual helps you find your style, which will pay dividends for your whole life.

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Get a weekly roundup of our top picks for minimalist wardrobes, exclusive discount codes from our favorite brands, and any ongoing worthwhile deals we’ve found. New subscribers get The Minimalist Wardrobe Handbook for free.

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Join on us on Instagram for endless inspiration from minimalist wardrobes across the world.

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Focus and Simplicity

For minimalism beyond wardrobes, read and subscribe for letters from our founder.

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