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★★★★★This was seriously an amazing way of thinking about personal style. I’ve never felt great about my style, even though I like it aesthetically. Approaching it this way made so many things click for me. — Gisele I. from USA

★★★★★ - Really interesting and helpful manual. I completely agree with the profile I got. My wardrobe needs some work now… — Simona D. from Italy

★★★★★What a positive surprise your manual was! I’ve been experimenting with my style a lot but haven’t been able to nail it down properly. After really thinking about how I want to feel and the signals I want to express, many of my subconsious style choices started making sense. Rachel C. from New Zealand

Rated 5 stars by 89% of reviewers

Find your signature style profile and set the foundation for a lasting wardrobe with our Style Manual.

✓ Helps you find a lasting personal style based on how you want to feel and be seen

Allows you to leverage the full psychological benefits of style

Based on polling data of thousands of people (people responded what they feel like when wearing different outfits and how they view others wearing certain styles)

Gives you an overview of how popular style types affect you psychologically and what they signal to others

Guides you to form your own unique blend of different styles—your signature style profile

✓ Evergreen—can be used again and again as your values and aspirations change

Sets the foundation for a wardrobe you’ll love for years

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Verified Customer Reviews

star star star star star

Loved the approach! I was one of those who went through Style Fundamentals when it launched and felt that the part about connecting my adjectives to the styles was the most valuable part. At the same time I felt that it fell a bit short in that course, whereas this took it to another level. Great work, enjoyed the manual very much 👍👍

Valentina G.

star star star star star

Finding my style was good and all but the real value was in the self-reflection lol. Who knew a style course/manual was the thing that helped me get to know myself better.

April S.

star star star star star

5/5 - a unique and valuable approach to figure out your TRUE style !! Now the real fun starts when I get to make changes to my wardrobe. Educated changes 😅

Dawn H.

star star star star star

The profile I got aligns perfectly with my personality. My wardrobe had gravitated slowly toward what my signature style profile ended up being, but it was great to get confirmation and solidify it, if that makes sense. I love the feeling of having gone through something like this so thoroughly, because it makes me confident in sticking to the style and not constantly experimenting.

Julia H.

Product Specifications

Scales to all devices

Use the guide on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Style type overview

An overview of the 7 main style types, and their effects on your mood
and the perception of others.


Reuse the guide every couple years or after bigger life changes, whenever you feel like your values and goals have matured.

Instant download

After payment, you get an instant link by email to download your PDF manual.


I like the concept of a minimalist wardrobe, but I love colors. Will this manual suggest an all neutral wardrobe to me?

This manual will suggest the unique combination of styles that will best empower you. That combination can be for example 60% classic, 30% bohemian, and 10% athleisure—your Signature Style Profile. You’re free to use any color palette you want. We have ready-made color palettes for you here.

I took the Style Fundamentals course a couple years ago and really enjoyed it! There was a part where we were supposed to pick and choose adjectives that were most important to us, and then connect those with a style. Is this similar to that?

How does this work? Sorry I don’t understand. How do you know which style is most empowering for ME specifically?

Why did you poll people for this manual?